Why does your company need Price-Controller?

Because it combinates simplicity, efficiency and the experience that will improve your business.

Experience it’s not only about the time passing by when you are obtaining knowledge while offering a service or working, experience is also to know every possible need and its solution. That’s why Price-Controller is a tool that provides what your company needs to take the most important decision: Changing prices.

Our experience let us know that companies don’t use the same strategies to change their prices, that’s why your company can make use of the tools inside Price-Controller to track your products on the internet.

With a large experience working on e-commerce, Price-Controller has been tracking more than 600 companies, on 20 countries around the world. A large list of products and competitors are always improving its services in every possible way, that's why Price-Controller have become what companies need to be one step ahead of its competitors.

It not only offers you simple tools to collect the information you want to track, but also offers you tools to view the information as you wish. Price-controller gives you the possibility to export to excel every single list in the system: your products catalog, your competitors list, a product and it competitors prices, a competitor and its products prices, a Master Report where you can view what is happening with your products and competitors prices, a Product Chart where you will have graphical statistics, Price Changes and Prices below your Reference Price.
All the tools price-controller offers you, are motivated by the fact of usability whenever you need them.